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Thursday, March 29, 2012

What I Wore: Slightly Messy, But Full of Fun

Really, I didn't know until I looked at the pictures that my shirt was hanging crooked! But I still enjoyed the look; it's a more colorful one than I usually wear for work.

True confessions: I didn't wear the cute Farylrobin shoes to the office, because they hurt. I do love the style and details though, so I wanted them in the photo.

The shirt is by Izod, recently thrifted for a few dollars. It's a very nice cotton, and doesn't need any ironing after machine-drying. Who doesn't love that? You have no doubt tired of the skirt - it's an old favorite by Old Navy. I tend to hang on to my favorites and wear them to the point of obsession. Is that wrong?  : >

I am crooked, but not ashamed!

I look very happy for a woman whose feet are crying.

I hope your Friday is full of delightful surprises and little pleasures.


  1. Don't worry about the crooked shirt, looks like you planned it that way! I hate shoes that hurt. I'll return if unworn or put them in the donation pile faster than you can say "bunion."

  2. Tammy @ silverstyleMarch 29, 2012 at 8:02 PM

    Now do tell.  Was the blouse designed based on those cute shoes you ordered?  Please try to stop by for the latest Trending link up...Think BRIGHT

  3. Lisa@Dreamz~n~wishzMarch 29, 2012 at 9:44 PM

    Love this skirt, Patti.  I don't remember it (could be my old age), so it's brand new to me. :)  I have shoes like that too... I think they're going to be fine for work, but find out the hard way that's not the case and so they are delegated to maximum 1 hour errands or a sitting dinner out and such.  It's a shame when you really love the shoe, but it doesn't like your foot.

  4. very pretty blouse, I love the florals. That skirt is feminine chic, I like the details  along the hem. Nice outfit, pretty enough for the weekend yet still work appropriate


  5. I can understand why you hang on to the skirt!  As for the blouse, it sounds like an excellent find.  I'm a big fan of button down blouses, but many of mine require an ironing born more often than I like.

  6. My Friday workday has just started and it already crazy.  I hope it calms down once my guys head off to site ;-).
    Love the shirt and the skirt is absolutely beautiful.
    Have a fabulous day

  7. I really love the skirt. The crying feet remind me of one Christmas party, circa 1983, when I was wearing those awful pointy-toe pumps, and they were some synthetic, non-stretchy material so my toes got more cramped, bruised, and blistered by the minute. I was hobbling toward a chair when a coworker's husband stopped to chat, and he kept me standing there for 45 minutes while he talked. I can't imagine the expression on my face during that conversation.

  8. Cute outfit and I hear you on the crying dogs--why is it the cuter the shoe the more it hurts?/
    Love the blouse--I recently thrifted 2 Izod blouses and you are right on how well made they are!
    Have a great weekend!

  9. That skirt is beautiful, and the Farylrobins are still adorable. Sorry they hurt though! Nothing worse than cute shoes that hurt.

  10. Boo for squeezy shoes :D Two thumbs up for beloved, comfortable skirts!

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